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Originally Posted by blackshire
Hello All,

(Before I ask my question about the Estes A.S.P. Semi-Scale kit below, take a gander at Chris Timm's "UK missile pics" thread on this forum section!)

Now to my question: I was just looking at the mini-motor powered Estes A.S.P. Semi-Scale kit (Cat. No. #0862, see: ). The plans are online here: ( and ).

What thickness of sheet balsa (1/16", 1/8", or 3/32") did it use for its fins? (John Brohm's Body Tube/Kit Index says that it used an 18" length of BT-20 for its body tube, and it had a BNC-20N balsa nose cone, for which the PNC-20A nose cone in the Wizard and Viking kits is a plastic direct replacement.) The Estes A.S.P. would make a nice "fun scale" kitbashing project.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

I think we've touched on the ASP fins somewhere on this forum, but it's been a couple of years ago...

Using the 1974 Parts Catalog as a guide, the part number for the fin sheet is 32257, which falls between the fin sheets for the HoJo (32256) and the TEROS (32258). Both of these sheets were 3/32" [BFS-30].

Using the first page of the plans as a guide, however, you would be inclined to think 1/16" [BFS-20]. These fins have a paper (cardstock) tab attached on the bottom edge, and the thicknesses for both seem to be drawn proportionally to each other.

If I were to build a clone today, I'd stick with BFS-20. Estes did not seem constrained to keep part numbers entirely consistent, so following with the Parts Catalog numbers might not be the best way to go on this one. Only someone who has an original kit (built or NIB, Scigs30, you doing this one?) can say otherwise.
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