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Default BlackStar TSTO build

BlackStar TSTO Description:

This model is loosely based on Lockheed/Martin design studies for a two stage to orbit (TSTO), reusable space transportation system done in the late sixties. It consisted of a Carrier Vehicle and Orbiter stack that sled launched. The Carrier Vehicle had air breathing engines for fly back recovery and horizontal landing. The Orbiter was also recovered to a runway. Something similar was rumored to be operating out of Groom Lake about 16 years ago under the code name BlackStar.

The model will be flyable in three different configurations. Configuration 1 is being built now and will be covered in this thread.

Configuration 1 - R/c Orbiter glider / Rear ejection, parachute recovery Booster.
Power: AeroTech E15-WP in the Obiter. AeroTech F20-3W in the Booster.

Configuration 2 - Free-flight Orbiter glider / R/c Carrier Vehicle glider.
This was my prototype built back in 1986. Flown once but never successfully recovered. The stack failed to separate after a perfect boost... it augured. The attached photos were taken after it was re-built, but never flown again.
Power: To be determined… the original used one 24mm and one 29mm AeroTech SU motor. (for the life of me, I just can’t remember which ones). They did have the characteristic thrust/time curves of “long burn” motors in use today. The Orbiter motor ejected with streamer recovery and I’m not sure I want to do it that way this time around.

Configuration 3 - R/c Orbiter glider / R/c Carrier Vehicle glider.
Power: AeroTech E6-RCT in the Obiter. AeroTech G12-RCT in the Carrier Vehicle

More photos to come… but for now, enjoy these.


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