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Our club launch scheduled for the 18th was rained out. So I spent most of Saturday afternoon sanding about six pounds of paint off of a pair BMS 3-inch School Rockets. Long story but they were built by two of my wife's students. At the end of the school year they were lying around in the craft closet in danger of being trashed so she brought them home.

One of them is constructed well save for the rookie glops of glue where fillets should be and the centering rings are reversed so the shock cord is literally hanging from the bottom of the rocket - tied to the lower ring. The hook is in the correct place though.

The other one was assembled OK except that he apparently didn't use much (if any) glue. The fins were held on more-or-less by the paint. So, I completely disassembled it and it's getting an upgrade or two. Mainly, a longer, foil lined motor tube and a baffle. You can't imagine how ugly it was - he must have used an entire can of navy blue spray paint and held it in his hand. Thick and very rough.

They're getting refurbished along side a stalled-out Fiis Acme Spitfire build. I'll get back on that this week if it keeps raining like they say it will. Funny, a referb job on two kits that have never known a motor. These BMS School Rockets are really great kits; especially good for an aerospace class. The others were built pretty well and flown and they all fly great! E28-4s are perfect motors. One of the kids burned an E12-4 in hers and it was beautiful.

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