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I mentioned at the start of this thread I'm also building a TLP Pershing 1A. I started this before I got into 3D printing. I'm not building it stock, I'm making changes to make it look a little more like the Estes kit, I even decided to have the nose ejection break at the bottom like the Estes kit versus the small balsa nose at the tip. Trying to get the paper cones assembled for the nose was a bit of a pain to get to look right, it's not perfect, but it works. I wanted fins that had the dimensional profile of the real Pershing 1A, so I used aileron stock to achieve the lower and upper fin profiles, saves a lot of sanding. And I made the fin pads from balsa, that did take a lot of sanding, especially to get the tube contour right. I'm not quite done with the nose and I know I added some weight with the coupler to achieve the change to the nose ejection break point and there will be a little more to go to finished the cone. It doesn't have any nose weight added and it comes in at 111 grams, compared to 113 grams for the 3D printed cone. I have the inner core tube installed in the airframe, but not the engine mount yet. In total I'm at 235 grams so far for the TLP. Here are some pictures and a comparison of the nose cones between the TLP and the 3D printed.
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