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Originally Posted by teflonrocketry1
I could easily 3D print 5:1 ogive nosecones (including the integral A.S.P. antenna or at least one with a flat truncated or open tip) in any BT size up to BT-80. The estimated cost in material for ABS plastic (at $15/Kg) is the diameter times the height (both in inches) times $0.30 . Mass production of more than one nosecone at a time will save on time and hence production cost. I have been printing 9 to 25 BT-20 sized ABS nosecones in a single batch.

Can a large 3-D printed nose cone ( BT-70 and larger ) be thin-walled, hollow, durable, lightweight, and shock resistant ?

What would the cost be to do a 5:1 BT-80 Ogive with .060"- .125" wall thickness ?

How much would it weigh and how long would it take to print ?


Dave F.
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