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Originally Posted by rocketpunch
Bec, could you post what parts you ordered from Semroc?


What I ordered specifically for this are the main body tube (BT-55V), a full-length BT-5, all of the necessary nose cones - a BNC-55F, three BNC-5W, five BNC-5E, and a long WD-12 dowel. I have balsa, launch lugs and recovery system stuff on hand. I also ordered (well, already had planned to order) some RA-2055 rings and some JT-55Cs from which to make an engine mount. I have the BT-20 and engine hooks on hand.

I will set it up with a Semroc BT-55 baffle and kevlar shock cord attach and probably use a smaller-than-24-inch parachute. I have materials to make a mylar one of any size I want on hand.

For my contribution to this, here's the pattern sheet in .pdf form, converted from the TIFF file on the JimZ site, so now it's all in this thread. I just did a "no scaling" test print and based on the length of the BT-55 marking guide, the parts look to be the right size.

It's nice to have fancy software at work sometimes...
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