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Originally Posted by Earl
Those are some great memories and photos; thanks for sharing them with us!

I have a couple of LOC 5.5 inch diameter tubes and 'stubby' LOC nose cones for them that I have had for years. I always thought they'd make a great Lil' Herc upscale. That would be almost a 7x upscale. Many people have done Estes Alpha upscales over the years, but I don't think I have ever seen anyone do a Lil' Herc upscale.

Any other vintage photos you can share?


Iíve got a 4í piece of LOC 5.5 tubing, and the stubby nose cone, that I bought at our club swap meet for $10! I have been wondering what upscale would be worthy of consideration. I have another piece of the same LOC tube, about the same length, so there are plenty of possibilities.
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