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Default Fin Patterns and kit Instructions

Originally Posted by Green Dragon
Might be beating an old horse ehre - some of these I have begged for in the past

Currently working on my ongoing research for old / early HPR designs / plans.

Specifically, my wish list includes :

Astro Dynamics - ANY

Eagle Aerospace - ANY

XPRS ( Xperimental Rocket Systems ) - ANY

SSRS / Crown - LASOR 164 , Spartan, Unicorn

Pro- Jet / Composite Dynamics - Starfire

Stargate - Aero-Ram

ACE - Fugue , ALLEGRO LARGO ( desperate for this one , Lucerne
Special , ? Squid

Model Aviation Fuels - Sentry, Minotaur

I have a few plans for trade, info available, so send requests ... looking to save the info for posterity, and build some of these LDRS 1 candidates

~ AL Swackhammer

Tripoli 090

Hi AL,
Did you ever get any of the above fin patterns, parts list, kit instructions you were looking for?
I've been meaning to post all of the Composite Dynamics fin patterns here on YORF. I have all of them and I still have a lot of the original Composite Dynamics fins that were cut by Composite Dynamics.
- I have an original Astro Dynamics fold out brochure of kits. and I have the fin pattern(s) for one of their 2.04" OD kits. I was once a dealer for Astro Dynamics in the early 80's.
- I still have a few of the original early ACE Rockets kits: Allegro 2420, Minute, Fugue 18, Fugue 23, Vivance, Cantata, Squid
- I did a lot of snail mail correspondence with my good friend Jerry Irvine in the early and mid 80's. And I made fin pattern templates of several U.S. Rocket kits from that era.

Stargate: Yes I have the Aero RAM fin patterns. I hope to eventually post all the Stargate fin patterns here on YORF as well.

SSRS / CROWN: I have fin patterns and parts lists for several of the SSRS / CROWN kits: Lasor 95, Lasor 134, Lasor 164

Larry Broadbent
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