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Leo, thank you for measuring the tubes and posting the photograph! That's approximately 11-15/16", or a bit over 303.2 mm. It looks like a "loose tolerance"-cut 12" body tube (like the MPC Miniroc body tubes) that they considered a "soft-converted" 300 mm body tube. Also:

(I've long been fascinated with metrication, and with how different countries managed their conversions, including "soft-converting" legacy pre-metric parts and tooling where practical. Australia is widely acknowledged as having done the best job among the recently-metricated countries--they used the millimeter as the basic unit of length instead of the centimeter [which enables whole-number measurements with no decimals], and they took the opportunity to re-think common things such as building materials and carpentry nails, which allowed them to eliminate many largely-superfluous intermediate sizes instead of just "soft-converting" all of the old "penny" sizes to metric. Countries such as Canada, which use the centimeter as a sort of de-facto "metric inch," have had more difficulties in converting, particularly in their textile and carpentry industries.)
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