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Talking Jay's new design -- ZETA

In the "Scrounged-Up Designs 2006" thread, James Pierson wrote at 07:56 PM on 08-02-2006:

"I personally think that Jay is holding out on us and keeping his best designs for himself. (Feel the love, Jay.)"

I hate to admit this, but Jim was right.

However, I recently noticed that EMRR had a "Box O' Parts" contest (which I was too busy to participate in, due to the recurring intrusions of real life), and I threw together a list of parts that *I* would have included. Then I took it one step further, and tried to figure out how *I'd* put them together.

To that end, I present the "Zeta" (pronounced "ZAY-tuh").

Parts list (all components by Semroc):

BC-760 Nose cone
SE-14 Screw eye
ST-7120 Body tube
ST-530 Body tube (2)
ST-1040 Body tube
CR-710 Centering rings (2)
EH-28 Engine hook
TR-7 Thrust ring
LL-117 Launch lug
EC-130 Elastic cord
SCK-24 Kevlar shock cord
CP-12 Parachute (Use a streamer for B and C-powered flights.)
3/32" balsa

(This may take a few consecutive posts, so I apologize in advance.)

As always, pertinent comments or questions are welcome. Impertinent ones will be dealt with accordingly.

Thanks, and cheers,
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