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Default New Plan -- Non Aspera

A "cousin" to the Andromeda. Retains the open-fin pattern and general shape, but marginally simplified. The forward payload tube can be either clear plastic or standard spiral-wound. The nose cone needs a paper transition wrapped around the bottom portion so that the forward fins have something to glue against; If you use thinned white glue, you can bond them to the clear plastic tube without smearing or fogging. This gives you the ability to remove the nose cone for payload access.

All of the following specifications are based on a sport launch condition, with no payload mass.

Length: 28.70"
Diameter: 1.04" (ST-10); Rings are 1.84" (ST-175)
Fin Span: 5.04"
Weight: 1.84 oz

B4-4......355'......Dv 9 FPS......36" x 1/8" rod
B6-4......360'......Dv 4 FPS......36" x 1/8" rod
C6-5......810'......Dv 6 FPS......36" x 1/8" rod

The phrase "Ad Astra Ad Aspera" means "To the stars, with difficulties". Non Aspera should thus be translated "No Problem!"

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