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Originally Posted by Ez2cDave
What about maximum duration and maximum altitude ? . . . Winners get prizes !

Also, unless you are flying Competition RC gliders or competing in the "Craftsmanship" events ( Scale, PMC, etc. ), Competition is cheaper than Sport Flying . . . WHY ?

( 1 ) Because most Sport Flyers use Kits, which are much more expensive than scratch-built Competition models.

( 2 ) Kits, generally, LOSE against "purpose-built", "bare bones" Competition models, because they tend to be heavier and less aerodynamic .

In the pics below, which one do you think would win in "C Eggloft" ?

Dave F.

That's not the point, Dave. It was not a post that was meant to be taken seriously. Competitions are usually on good sized fields. Us sport fliers often fly from fields that compare well to postage stamps. We come home empty handed because the model is in a tree, not because there are no prizes.
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