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Default "Eureka! Eureka!"

No, I didnít run through the streets naked like Archimedes of Syracuse was said to do when he exclaimed Eureka! Eureka! BUT ... I have found it! ... and I am very stoked about it!

I knew my SAM badge would turn up in a box of parts. Looks like when I received mine I was working on repairing two EnerJet 1340 clone models as it was found in a small box with two painted Estes fin cans and some short lengths of Semroc LT-125 tubing. I was really beginning to wonder if I would ever locate my SAM badge.

I also found a couple of LDRS badges from 1994 and a badge from the Southern Thunder launch in Manchester, TN May 2005. Found these in the bottom of my old range box.

Not nearly as exciting as finally finding my SAM #0052 badge as a great reminder of all the projects that Carl, Sheryl and Bruce helped me to make a reality. Great memories, thatís for sure.
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