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Default Trying out new software

I'm beginning to play with the free version of NetObjects Fusion, in hopes of creating a new version of the BARCLONE website. At this point, anything is better than trying to get down and dirty with the PHP and CSS editors. Many years and several computers ago, I used a program called Trellix, which became Cute SiteBuilder. It was clunky, and created literally six or eight files for each page, but it was useful in my early creation of the Railroad History page I run. The pages still needed hand-tweaking, but that wasn't so bad when the bulk of the pages was taken care of for me. Now, I really don't have the time to tweak, much less try to craft a full website, from raw PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Scott has also informed me that one of the "positive" side effects of the recent RocketShoppe 'update' was an improvement in the host server's PHP and MySQL installations, the latter of which had been getting in the way of finishing up the last attempt to post a complete downloadable catalog of our RockSim files. The original version was so old and out-of-date I couldn't locate a working copy to install in my local WampServer. Now, I have a slightly 'older' local set-up to mimic what RocketShoppe is capable of working with. More about this later...

Besides NOF, what 'free website builder' programs can anyone suggest or recommend that works well? I'm not looking for 'trial' or 'hamstrung feature' software, but fully-functional 'no-time-limit' software packages that have some proven history to support them. Post your titles and URLs in this thread...
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