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Originally Posted by Fuse Eh!
Well now, it would seem that particular problem could be easily addressed with a re-launch... and okay, maybe a new camera/phone too, just to be on the safe side! From the looks on their faces in the pics you uploaded, I'm sure the kids would be up for that. And the school administration would likely have to agree that "God is the god of second chances." You could even cherry pick a few proof texts like Isaiah 43:18-19a and Job 33:29 to clinch the deal.

At any rate, thanks for doing the build and launch with the kids, and for sharing the pics with us on the forum!!

School was out for the summer the next week, but I am planning on doing it again this fall. According to the Principal, the rocket launch was all the kids could talk about for the next few days. The kids in grades K-4 want to do it too. They had a blast watching it.

Let's see if these videos will upload.

Nope, MP4 files are not acceptable, Oh well.
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