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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
I would also be willing to bet that the Semroc Saturn V comes out WAAAAYYYYYY before the Estes version comes out if at all.
Semroc operates correctly: Under promise and OVER deliver.
Estes is the exact opposite: Over promise and UNDER (if at all) deliver.

Take a guess which is more effective in cultivating good business relationships with repeat customers ?
Hint: Their name does NOT start with the letter "E" !

Semroc usually releases their products either right around their "promise" dates if not earlier.
Estes is almost ALWAYS late with their releases if they release promised new product at all.

If Estes did not have an almost monopoly on small BP SU engines, I probably would buy NOTHING from them. That company is a sad JOKE compared to what Vern and Gleda envisioned and created.

I sure wish somebody would come out with a new line of 18 and 24mm SU BP engines that has more variety....

Estes has been using the lame excuse of "new lead law" as of late to explain the delay in releasing new products. That has not seemed to slow anyone else down as most of the other companies have determined that the law does not apply to primarily ADULT hobbies. Sounds like a baloney excuse by the big "e" to me.

I think at BEST we have only a 50/50 chance of seeing any of the supposed "classic series" from Estes.

While I can agree with about 90 percent of this, I think the lead law might be a valid excuse-if only partially. They chose to play ball with Walmart found themselves marketing toys as opposed to hobby items. Their marketing plan(if you can call it that) is unlike any other in the hobby and is on a huge scale compared to everyone else in the industry. This stuff probably makes them a bigger target compared to everyone else. Granted, I think they may have responded with a knee jerk. We already knew Estes wasn't the most efficient company on the planet before any of this started....why start belly aching now? Long as Semroc keeps cranking out parts and kits...I'm not sweatin' the oldies!
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