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So, how DID you make the fin pods?

A glued stack.

There are three layers. The outer ones, as I recall, are soft 3/16" or 1/4" balsa. The middle layer is the same thickness balsa as the Silver Comet's fins. The profile of all three layers is identical, but the middle layer has a notch traced from the edge of the fin.

I glued the layers together, sanded them to a nice rounded shape, filled and painted them.

* * *

I have parts for four spaceships with Silver Comet cones. Two with official tail cones, two with cardstock cones. I plan on fancier fin pods for at least two of these. I have several little BT-20 tail cones from Apogee. These would go on four pods with tubes and cones that would be fitted TTW to tabs on the tips of the fins. I'm having trouble visualizing the fins; something swept back and space-opera-ish.

I might make one model for myself, and kit up the remainder. If the parts fit in a priority box, I might offer them up here.
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