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Originally Posted by MarkB.
+1 on the love for the tip pods.

I always wanted to open up the "windows" on the Silver Comet nose cone, add tinted or clear panels and build up some kind of interior. You'd have to cut off the bottom of the shoulder section to have access to that area, but it seems doable.

Anybody ever tried that?

I'm currently working on a BT-80 based model from the Dan Dare comics series that has a clear nose cone and a flight deck interior.
It has no bottom on the shoulder so I'm just going to make one and attach everything to that.
It would be easy to open the Silver Comet windows with a Dremel tool and insert clear mylar panels.
I was going to do that to my Fireball XL5 model but decided the nose was too small to be worth the effort.

As for those fin pods, they really do finish the model nicely. I would make them like the ones on my Tintin moon rocket. Use balsa nose cones split lengthwise, include the pod profile on the tip of the fin pattern, then glue the pod halves directly to each side of the fin. Nearly unbreakable.
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