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Originally Posted by CenturiGuy
Actually, I use the adhesive computer label paper, and then rub it down onto the main fin surfaces with a Sharpie cap. That's probably the coolest finishing trick I learned from David J. Miller (Sirius Rocketry)'s "Interrogator" kit.

Easy to do if the hole at the top of your thin CA bottle is too big, and you get the excess running onto the largest sides of the fins, instead of the edges.



I'm going to try this on a future build but our humidity down here on the Gulf Coast is sometimes extreme and I'm not sure the adhesive on the paper would stay stuck even if I rubbed it down well. Have you ever had any problems with it wanting to lift back up?

Do you apply the paper to one side first and then trim around it and then do the other side or just cut the paper out like a fin pattern and then apply it? What works best for you? I know you mentioned sealing the edges with CA.


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