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Default For Sale...SAM-3

From my personal collection, for being a SAM member of Semroc some years back. It is addressed from NC.
One of my most Chariest Kits, from my days of doing business with Carl and his custom made nose cones for me. (Wizard Upscales, currently offered for sale) See TRF For Sale Forum

Kit is unopened and in pristine condition. It is a Retro-Repo of 1978, which is the year I graduated so has extra special meaning to me.
I hate to put this one up for sale, but the need of being able to get the truck fixed is greater than the need to hold onto the past.

I am not going to let this one go cheap! (I'm sure Sheryl will understand why.)
I demand $25.00 plus shipping.

The best way to contact me is by Email at

Thank You All Kindly for your interest.
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