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Default One more time.

When I launched a couple of weeks ago, I sent up the Egg Crate on it's maiden voyage. I thought; "What the heck? It's an egg lofter—may as well put an egg in it." So, I did.

I slipped an E9-6 in it as the rocket was fairly heavy with the egg an' all. My first time using that motor. It ignited and went up about 30 feet and pow!

The motor blew the nozzle out—put a hole in the paint can lid blast deflector and drove the motor up into the baffle. When I took the motor out, the clay cap was still intact. Odd.

The rocket fell to the ground (egg intact). I had launched it from about 30 to 40 yards away so when I saw flames I ran over to it but, it was too late. The bottom of the fin can had burned through on two sides from the bottom up.

Which brings me to the point: It was nice to place yet one more order with my favorite company. I ordered repair parts to re-build the body of the rocket. That and an Astro-Jr. Now, I'm happily awaiting what could be my last white box. Seeing one on my front steps always brightened my day. Thanks, Ma'am.
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