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I like this thing. Rocsim is better, no question, But this is a wonderful tool in it's own right.
As for the motor, go to the editor and select the tube you have as a motor tube. click the tab labeled "Motor" and chk the box marked "This component is a motor mount". Now you can hit the "Select Motor" button and select your motor and delay. The major problem is that in order to change the motor you have to go back to the motor mount tube editor. Additionally, when you change the motor it futzes with the data from the first sim run. The sim data is good but it would be helpful if it showed wheather the deployment was pre or post apogee. I do like that there is an option for choosing the CP display. I wave mine set to Caliber. Stability at a glance, gotta love it. It would be nice to know by what means the CP is calculated. As this is a Beta version I can't complain at all! There is a link on the download site to report "Problems" or sugestions. I think in short order this will be a most indespensible tool.
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