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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
I just downloaded it and started playing with it. Thanks for the link!

First impressions...
If he would change the program from an interpreted language (Java) to a true compiled language, such as C++ or Free Pascal & Lazarus, the program would run faster; it would still be cross-portable to Mac, Linux, and Windows machines using a compiled language, it just requires multiple binaries. Not really an issue.

I'll keep an eye on it, for sure.

No Java that I know of interprets frequently executed and/or long running methods in a program. They are dynamically compiled at runtime. has an interesting discussion of Java performance by Cliff Click, a smart guy and real Java compiler/performance expert.

Also, use the server VM for longer running apps, it provides significantly better performance that the standard VM, a point made in the above post and something I've observed in my own work.

Java bigot (but who still thinks computer engineers should learn to program in C.)
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