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Originally Posted by Carl@Semroc
We need 30+ Saturn 1B's built for an upcoming project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 7 (October 11, 1968). These models will be our Saturn 1B kit with modifications and Apogee capsules, for ease of build. They will be non-flying and painted and decaled to match SA-205.

We have some master modelers lined up to build up to 10, but need 20-25 more built. Launch Magazine is behind us on this project and Mark Mayfield and I are working out details on contest prizes for the best model.

We need these completed and returned to us before October 7, 2008. We will supply the model and capsule, shipping container, and return postage. You supply the manpower, modeling skills and building supplies.

We are offering this first to the SVDT which has some of the best modelers in the world. If you know of additional modelers that can build a pristine Saturn 1B in a short period of time, please let me know on this thread. We need these to all be the "best of the best."

We will not be able to return any of the models except possibly the best one or two as judged by an independent panel of judges. Take plenty of pictures and we will as well.

Any additional details of the specific finishing aspects of SA-205 are also requested. Please keep this quiet and within this group and the other modelers that are brought onboard until we make it public.

A bunch of photos are viewable/downloadable at (look for the Apollo 7 link in top left of the frame).
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