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Originally Posted by scigs30
Doug, your colors look great and A Fish Named Wallyum your builds look really nice. (snip) ....but what parts do I need to order to make the 18mm engine mounts?
Thanks, Scigs. Lacking decals, I wanted to do something to make it more attractive, but didn't want to put lots of effort into it, so I just painted the nosecone and booster black and the sustainer red. The yellow came about when I repaired a dinged fin and opted to add some more color.

As for parts, I used CR-20-55 rings to make the Echo-I flyable on Estes motors. They were a little loose, so a wrap of kraft paper around the ring made it fit better in the tubes. It was only later that I learned that FSI used Centuri parts/dimensions in their kits, and that I was working with ST-13 and not BT-55. In Estes terms, it's called BT-56, and that's why the rings were loose


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