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Default NAR/SAM Discount Together How?


This may not be the 'best' place to ask this question, but I was over on the Semroc site to verify my SAM membership (was notified I was 'in' due to purchase volume for the year), but did not see any 'verification' there under my account that I was a SAM member (did not know what to look for, actually).

Also, not sure how to 'activate' discounts for two separate discount codes at the same time, in this case as a NAR member and a SAM member. Started to submit an order, but could only get the order process dialog box to take one code at the time: either NAR or SAM, but not both.

Also, did not see what my Christmas special balance would be on check out either. Am I doing something wrong? It's no biggie on these items, as I'm not sure I'd really take the discounts to be honest, but did want to verify for sure the SAM membership.

Just wondering,

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