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Originally Posted by shockwaveriderz
Anybody got the dimensions of the fin set for the Estes Executioner?

as side questions:

1. anybody do body tube slotting
2. anybody laser cut fins ?

anybody know the length of the 2 BT-80 body tubes ?

length of fin slots? and location from rear?

I hate these new Estes Rocket plans with no dimensions of anything.


Toby Vanderbeek does clones of Estes kits, and upscales -- he buys nose cones and tubes from Estes, then laser cuts the fins and CRs. He has you go to for the decals. He has a Mega Der Red Max, a Leviathan, a Hi-Flier XXL, and Cherokee-H, and now, Goblin fins (some guys in my club are ordering TTW Goblin fins and flying their beefed-up Goblins on F44s ...

He also does custom work. I have not ordered from him, but he gets high praise for his work. I would imagine he could slot tubes for you, it probably just depends on if he has the tubing you want in stock, or has to get it.

He was just on FB, but now has a werbsite.
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