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Originally Posted by Earl
When Centuri introduced plastic cones, which I believe was sometime in the early months of '70 or close thereto, Astro-1's received the aforementioned PNC-106.
Originally Posted by rraeford
I notice a ? for the SST Shuttle-1 cone. I own several of these and they all have the PNC-106 nose.

I have studied the images in the catalogs as I am sure many of us have and and realize that Centuri made a lot of running changes as their line matured.
Earl and Romie,

I consulted Carl McLawhorn's SEMROC "Classics" listing, as well as JimZ site:

"Centuri SST Shuttle 1 #KC-17/#5077

Plastic Nose Cone PNC-10? 4.9"L-StoT See Photo"

If you examine the attached (aforementioned) photo, it's obvious that the main nose cone is somewhat "pointier" than the PNC-106 (Carl's counterpart was BC-1045P).

I remember my SST Shuttle had a medium-light blue main nose cone, which I thought was odd "back in the day."

However, I agree with your assertions that Centuri "played fast and loose" with nose cone substitutions in their kits.

So, it just depends on how "pointy" you want your SST Shuttle nose cone:

SEMROC BC-1045P or BC-1050.

Yet another example of "Your mileage may vary." Thanks for your comments!
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