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Originally Posted by Earl
Well, for most of us here on this forum, whether we like it or not (and this is no ‘dig’ against anyone), we ARE ‘old’.

In a few days, I’ll be same age my father’s dad was in 1974. As a 12 year old kid in 1974, there is NO WAY I would have thought anything about my grandfather was ‘young’, and he was a VERY active, hard-working man and would remain so for nearly two decades more. But I did NOT think of him as young; geez, I did not think of my Dad as ‘young’ at that point and he was only 37 then!

Admittedly, some of what I just said is a common perspective from children; if you are older than about 28 or 29, then from a child’s perspective you look old. BUT, by the time one gets into their latter 50s — as I suspect many of us here are — then yes, we are ‘old’. Again, no dig against anyone here; and I don’t care about the comments “Well, I *feel* like a kid inside!”. Well, ok, great...BUT, we are still ‘old’.


Okay, so I’m old ... But I am still younger than most of my X-acto knives so I’ve got that going for me
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