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Originally Posted by nukemmcssret
Go to Scientific Surplus website and get a cheap ten dollar camera tri-pod. Then using the plastic rod holder from your estes launch pad, trace the bottom of it to a piece of 3/16" balsa wood. Cut out this pattern. Drilla hole slightly larger than the 1/4" 20 bolt that comes out of the top of the tripod. Where you mount your camera. Once the hole is drilled using 20 min. epoxy glue a nut the will thread onto the tripod. Usually 1/4" 20 onto the balsa you cut. Let dry. When dry test it on the tri-pod see if you can thread the wood onto the tri-pod. If you can now is the time to epoxy the balsa to the plastic rod holder. make sure the nut is inside. When this is dryyou can screw it onto the tri-pod and now you have a launcher that will aim any where. Also you do not have to bend over to hook up the ignitor.The rocket is about chest level. Another goody is that is you are on uneven ground you can use the tri-pod legs to level it out. I will attach pictures tomorrow. Chief nukemmcssret

I've got a new Odd'l Rockets accessory coming out in the next few weeks that will allow you to use most any camera tripod for launching without any drilling or epoxy.
When you are done launching, it comes off clean and allows you to use the tripod with your camera.
I've been launch testing this for the past few weeks.
It's great not being on the wet ground trying to connect up micro clips. My bad knee likes it too.
It feels more "professional" flying rockets on a tripod launcher without lightning bolt legs. The Estes plastic rod holder won't last long. My adapter doesn't use it. The blast deflector is locked in and flat.
Launch angles are easier to adjust with the tripod. And, taking launch pictures is easier when the blast deflector is three feet above the ground.
I wish I'd done this years ago!
Keep an eye out for the product announcement.
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