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Originally Posted by Beowulf
After our flight on Saturday , I am very interested in building a launch pad that allows for more accurate targeting than our basic Estes one. I have an old german equatorial mount, to which I am thinking about attaching a platform. The idea is that I could adjust the tripod to level the pad, and then set the launch angle and direction using the mount.

What I'd really like to be able to do is to enter the current environmental conditions into an application and then use the calculated rod deflection and direction in order to return the rocket close to the launch pad. Heck, if I could make it land back on the rod, then I would!

My question is this: has this type of project been done before? I don't see a similar thread having been posted previously, which leads me to suspect if such a thread exists, that it has been archived. Either that, or the idea itself is folly. What do you all think? Thanks for your feedback!

Go to Scientific Surplus website and get a cheap ten dollar camera tri-pod. Then using the plastic rod holder from your estes launch pad, trace the bottom of it to a piece of 3/16" balsa wood. Cut out this pattern. Drilla hole slightly larger than the 1/4" 20 bolt that comes out of the top of the tripod. Where you mount your camera. Once the hole is drilled using 20 min. epoxy glue a nut the will thread onto the tripod. Usually 1/4" 20 onto the balsa you cut. Let dry. When dry test it on the tri-pod see if you can thread the wood onto the tri-pod. If you can now is the time to epoxy the balsa to the plastic rod holder. make sure the nut is inside. When this is dryyou can screw it onto the tri-pod and now you have a launcher that will aim any where. Also you do not have to bend over to hook up the ignitor.The rocket is about chest level. Another goody is that is you are on uneven ground you can use the tri-pod legs to level it out. I will attach pictures tomorrow. Chief nukemmcssret
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