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Default Paper....and Depron

I've toyed around with the idea of using papery-type stuff for BG wing surfaces in the past, notably around 2009/10. Even made a paper BT-80 sized Bomarc that probably wouldn't survive boost on a C6....

IINM, 2mm Depron is much stiffer and actually *lighter* than standard copy paper.

Back then, I actually made a BT-55 sized gliding Bomarc, using the 2mm Depron for the wings/tail, and the body plus NC rolled from single ply copy paper. Pod tube was also rolled similarly, as it was 13mm.

That actually boosted - and glided - pretty darned well!! Problems: 1/ Being all paper and Depron, any hot ejection charge chars or even burns the thing! Think: Mini-Hindenburg

2/ Guy with a sub-2000 Tripoli number flying this sort of stuff at an HPR launch looks too weird, even by my standards. So, I quit doing these soon thereafter.

I also had made up a 'full sized' SkyDart this way, as well as a downscale of my 'Nemesis' glider.

If I had someplace private to fly, I'd get back to these things. Neat to use 13mm motors to fly 'full sized' sport gliders!
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