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Originally Posted by BEC
Thanks, Lee. I vaguely remember this now, and see that the micro buttons on the one model I have them on right now are shortened some, but I probably didn't do it as carefully.

I have done one model with the Plastruct H-beam as well. Maybe I need to fly it a little more to get a better feel for how that works (or doesn't) for me.

I finally threw off the blanket and got off the sofa to go find the styrene beam part number it is snowing again! We just got back from Florida, and figured it would be warm here upon our return ...

Anyway, I thought I used Plastruct, but it is Evergreen H-beam #285, so maybe what you used is a better fit? To look for any other possible styrene parts, I have to go to Denver. Sadly, no more hobby stores up north.
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