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Originally Posted by BobP_in_Nevada
I hope I won't draw too much shame when I say I am not. But I'm a lifelong fan of Snoopy, and making a Silver Snoopy icon seemed appropriate for this forum. My general icon is a "The World Famous Writer and his Secretary" screen-grab from "The Peanuts Movie".

(For those who don't know -- can't imagine that in this forum -- the Silver Snoopy is an award given by the NASA Astronaut office to NASA workers who have gone above and beyond in service to the goals and needs of the manned spaceflight mission. I've never worked for NASA.)

Two employees at ULA received the award for their work on the Commercial Crew program (I was not one of them; they are my colleagues). So, it isn't just for NASA employees - it can go to anybody the Astronaut Office chooses to honor!
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