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Originally Posted by SEL
.. and in the same general area if you look at a map and squint.

Just curious if anyone here has actually flown any of the Adast motors back in the day? Bill Spadafora mounted one in the NAR test stand ( See this link:
< > ) and in the same thread, someone mentioned that these were known as the 'Widow Makers', but I seem to remember it was different motor that earned that dubious moniker, and that the Adast were pretty stable.
Can anyone confirm or deny?

Those are similar to mine, though mine have a gray nozzle, not red. Mine are 2.5ns as well. Jim Kukowski got them as part of an Alfa kit, at the first world championships in Dubnica in 66. I bought the kit at a Cannon auction. Gave the kit to Carl at NARAM-50 (but not before Lee Piester stopped me in the hotel lobby when he saw the kit in my hand), but kept the motors. Carl was going to make a retro-repro kit to support the US FAI team. Never got the kit back from him.

These should be regular black powder motors. From what I've been told, the "Widow makers" are a different size and materials.
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