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Originally Posted by SEL
The Rapiers are pretty cool - I have a few of the 18 second burn motors.
They’re used in hand tossed gliders:

I could do that all day with small hand launched BG. KLIMA said they may consider making these at some future date. It's too bad somebody here in the US would make these. They aren't considered fireworks or model rocket motors here according to the CPSC.

(10) Solid fuel pellets intended for use in miniature jet engines for propelling model jet airplanes, speed boats, racing cars, and similar models, provided such solid fuel pellets:

(i) Weigh not more than 11.5 grams each.

(ii) Are coated with a protective resinous film.

(iii) Contain not more than 35 percent potassium dichromate.

(iv) Produce a maximum thrust of not more than 7 1/2 ounces when used as directed.

(v) Burn not longer than 12 seconds each when used as directed.

I think 7.5 oz is about 2.0 N. The biggest Rapiers had about 1 5 ad much thrust.
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