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Originally Posted by Faithwalker
Ken also was an expert on the history of Reaction Motors, Inc., the first successful American rocket company, founded December 18, 1941, within just two weeks from the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the event which thrust the United States into WWII. Ken collaborated with author Frank H. Winter, famed curator of the NASM in Washington, D.C., to help provide artifacts and details for the book entitled, "America's First Rocket Company: Reaction Motors, Inc.", published in 2017. The book is still available:

Reaction Motors, Inc. went on to accomplish some of the most significant technological breakthroughs in American Aerospace history, paving the way to manned flights far beyond the speed of sound, the beginnings of manned flight into space, and development of the critically important vernier motors for the Surveyor spacecraft that became the first U.S. soft-landing craft on the surface of the moon. Ken had the only known remaining brick from the original Reaction Motors, Inc. test facility control room blockhouse in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Ken Montanye's LinkedIn page lists him, among other things, as an Independent Historian/Researcher for 51 years, from Jan. 1970 to Jan. 2021, of Reaction Motors Inc., "America's First Liquid Fueled Rocket Engine Company". They were the designers, developers and testers of the XLR ( Bell X-1 and the XLR-99, X-15 ) engines among others. Reaction Motors was the first to develop the regeneratively cooled rocket engine in Pompton Lakes, NJ.

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