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Originally Posted by Doug Sams
Well, of course, that one always gets my vote

What I like about it is that it can be done several ways. The stock Mini Brute EST-0840 would use stock mini (T) motors. The earlier, stock K-40 would use T motors with 18mm adaptors (or can be built with 13mm motor tubes).

BT-55 and BT-60 upscales work great with stock 18 and 24mm motors, respectively. These require somewhat non-scale changes to the length of the booster sections (as I recall) but it's not not noticeable, the changes are quite minor.

That said, the corps of Midget enthusiasts is quite small, so I question whether there's enough market to justify any of these.


I could definitely go for one as well. I'm not as bad (good?) as you, but I have already cloned three of them (different sizes).
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