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Originally Posted by A Fish Named Wallyum
...I put an E mount in the original clone and did manage to lose it on the first flight, but only because I was flying in serious wind.
I'm assuming it weathercocked badly, no?

When I cooked up my 3-stage Uber Tuber, on its first flight, I had only a single D12 in the 1st stage. It crawled off the rod. By the time the 3rd stage lit, it was horizontal in the sky. It went way down range. But the good thing was, I was using a mylar streamer. Don Magness and I recovered it after a good long walk.

Those mylar streamers are amazingly helpful when you're pushing the limits. The glint of light reflecting off them makes them much easier to track at long ranges. So having the right amount drag in the recovery system is only part of the solution. Having a shiny, reflective streamer is another key part.

Doug...too bad they don't make mylar golf balls...

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