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Originally Posted by Eagle3
Cool idea Carl. It will be nice to see all the entries in this category since futuristic designs are some of my favorites. Quick questions,
Does it have to be a brand new design or one you created and already posted here on YORF?
I don't think ANYTHING is new (at my age) so it could have already been published by its designer.
Is there a limit on number of entries per SAM?
Had not thought about that. but it should be a manageable limit like 3-5.

Originally Posted by Eagle3
Does the entry need to be built and flown successfully?
What documents, photos, etc need to be included along with the rocksim file?
Any hints on what the Starship Correy looks like?
It will have to be flown before release! We will probably use the Rocksim generated file for voting. Finalist(s) will need to provide more detail.

It was going to be the Starship Tinsley.
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