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Originally Posted by BEC
Interesting about this.... the three new RTFs, for which the 1/2A3-4T IS recommended, are all heavier than that - ranging from 0.69 to 0.74 ounces. And based on the one 1/2A3-4T flight I have on the heaviest of the three - it actually is OK - at least under light wind conditions.
According to the 1/2A3-4T specifications in the Estes catalog, its maximum liftoff weight (including the motor, which has an initial weight of 0.21 ounces) is 1 ounce, so the three new RTF rockets are within the 1/2A3-4T's lifting capacity (although the 0.74 ounce RTF comes close to the 1 ounce limit). Therefore:

I'm puzzled as to why the Bandito (0.60 ounces without motor) and Firehawk (0.65 ounces without motor) don't have the 1/2A3-4T in their recommended motors lists. (The even heavier EX-200 [0.78 ounces without motor] has the 1/2A3-4T in its recommended motors list.)
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