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Originally Posted by BEC
No more Estes in WalMart - one of the things that changed when Hobbico bought Estes-Cox.

We should probably return to Semroc stuff seeing as this IS the Semroc forum and Blackshire's original intent was to alert folks to a very usable and yet very inexpensive launcher for Semroc rockets .
Hmmm...if Semroc ever decides to re-enter the model rocket GSE (Ground Support Equipment) section of the hobbyist rocketry market, a wooden version of the Mini Launch Pad would make a good initial product. The "hubs" (launch pad bases) could be cut from triangular (or circular) cross-section lengths of lumber, with equidistantly-spaced, downward-angled holes drilled into the sides of the "hubs" to accept three dowel tripod legs. A 1/8" diameter hole could be drilled into the top center of each "hub" (not all the way through) to accept the launch rod, which could be a 19" or 20" long single piece of stainless steel music wire. Also:

A Semroc launch controller could be offered as a kit (as the Estes FS-5, Astron, and Solar Launch Controllers all were). The cabinet could be a standard aluminum or plastic electronic project housing box (Centuri's "Professional Firing Panel" and "Ignition Control Panel [see: ] were similar to this--in fact, their aluminum cabinets may have been electronic project housing boxes). Like the FS-5 and Astron launch controllers, this new Semroc "LEK-TROL" launch controller could operate off either a 6 volt heavy-duty lantern battery or a 12 volt car (or motorcycle) battery. An RCA (Phono) plug (or a 1/4" TRS mono audio plug) with its two conductors shorted together could serve as the safety key, which would be plugged into an RCA (or TRS mono) jack in the launch controller cabinet to arm the circuit.
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