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Originally Posted by Mark II
This last point negates the two above it, though. If Semroc was to refrain from actually marketing the motors to fireworks companies (by the way, I agree with Carl's position), then how would it position them to benefit from that source of business? What would be different than just selling them as model rocket motors through the usual hobby channels?
Amateur pyrotechnicians (an honorable avocation, as Orville Carlisle, the inventor of the model rocket motor, was one) and "Mom & Pop" specialty firework manufacturers often use Estes motors to power their skyrockets and missiles because they are so reliable (which allows them to concentrate on developing the custom stars and other pyrotechnic effects of the skyrockets and missiles). They don't openly approach Estes *as* fireworks manufacturers to buy motors for these applications; they order motors as individuals, and Estes never knows what the motors are ultimately used for.
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