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Originally Posted by blackshire
So...I wonder if Semroc's new motors could be sold to small firework manufacturers as OEM components to power their skyrockets and missiles? If so, it would create a second income stream that could help lower the prices for the NAR & CAR Certified Semroc motors when they become available...just "thinking out loud" here.

Originally Posted by ghrocketman
Blackshire, I like your thinking here.
That could increase the overall production of Semroc motors that would probably serve to fill two good goals:
1) Increased volume of production would result in higher profit total for Semroc
2) Lower overall price per unit due to increased sales volume.

Originally Posted by ghrocketman
As long as you would be selling them as model rocket motors, what difference does it make if it is Joe Hobbybuilder or XYZ Firewurx Corp. buying them ?
Nobody mentioned actually marketing them as 'fireworks'; I think that is the key here.[...]
"Off Label" usages of products happens all the time.
I do however think it would be EXTREMELY FOOLISH to actually market them to firework companies; then you WOULD be implicit in the usage.
This last point negates the two above it, though. If Semroc was to refrain from actually marketing the motors to fireworks companies (by the way, I agree with Carl's position), then how would it position them to benefit from that source of business? What would be different than just selling them as model rocket motors through the usual hobby channels?
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