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Originally Posted by Eagle3
This is something I've wondered ever since I sent in my first "Design of the Month" plan many many years ago.

What ever happened to all the plans that were sent in over the years? I know some became kits and there were some that would have made great production kits.

Who did the judging?

Do you recall any DOM submissions that really impressed the kit designers at Estes?

Do you recall any that just cracked everyone up?



The design of the month contest is something I wished had never gone away. If I had my wish I would re-kindle it starting right now.

Many nay-sayers have had it in their heads we stole design ideas from those entries. In the past we had on occasion actually been threatened with law suits that we had produced kits from those entries. I can assure you we never stooped so low as to do that. Wayne, Bill, and myself had the skill sets that never required borrowing designs from kids.

I have kept many of those entries and hold them in records. The reasons for this is legal. If anyone ever challenges us that we ripped them off, I can show when the entry was submitted and show THEE actual submission to any court.

And yes, several of the designs were cool, but impractical to produce. Then others from those who indicated that the submited design was based on the flying saucer design they were abducted in. Those just didn't make it to the finals.
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