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Originally Posted by bernomatic
I don't know how it goes in other school systems, but in sixth grade in Ohio were I lived circa 1974, we were taught all sorts of shop, sewing and cooking skills in sixth grade. Not all of them intensive (we learned the theories behind welding and were given the opportunity to run a bead), but enough to give you a taste of the practice. It was then that I was taught (hand) drafting skills which would become my life's pursuit. In addition, trying to remember all the "shop" skills, we were taught:
setting type for an offset printing press
plastics working
sand casting
Electric Arc Welding

I was kinda shocked sometime in the early 2000's to visit my old middle school when my oldest daughter was there, to learn that all of the "shop" class rooms had been converted to regular class rooms and that they weren't teaching that stuff anymore.

At most public schools, the shop classes were shut down between 20 and 30 years ago because of those icky and dangerous tools/machines did not fit into the "everyone goes to college" mantra. One of my wife's cousins was a longtime shop teacher in the Chicago Public Schools system. He finally got tired of having to spend the first 3 months of shop class teaching the kids how to read and do simple arithmetic before he could start teaching them how to make wood bowls and jewelry boxes. He retired and moved to Nebraska.
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