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Default National Model and Sport Rocketry Collection Blog

Hello Fellow Rocket Enthusiasts,

My name is Pat Fitzpatrick and I've been mostly a lurker on YORF for a number of years. As a volunteer at the Seattle Museum of Flight I have been involved with the "care and feeding" of the National Collection of Model and Sport Rocketry" since before its inception.

If you haven't seen the latest issue of NAR's Sport Rocketry magazine it contains an excellent article written by the MOF Adjunct Curator for Spaceflight Geoff Nunn (NAR #99220) about the collection. Geoff's article covers how the collection started, generally what it contains, and a few pictures of the "Inspiring Rockets" permanent exhibit at MOF.

MOF is like all museums in that it can only exhibit a small fraction of its collections. That is also true when it comes to the Stine portion of the National Collection which is undergoing a laborious process of cataloging and archival storage that will take years to complete.
YORF seems like an ideal place place to find an audience that care about artifacts from the dawn of model rocketry. I will attempt to answer any questions about the collection that might be floating around, and this thread might be a good place to start.
I do not profess to have all the answers; the level of knowledge of rocketry history on regular display here is quite astounding and I will frequently refer to you guys for help with my own questions. The community knowledge contained here can be of great benefit to further developing the world's best collection of model rocketry artifacts, images, and documentation.

Pat Fitzpatrick
NAR/MOF Special Committee
MOF Spaceflight Committee

Follow the National Model and Sport Rocketry Collection on Twitter: @Natl_ModRoc_Col
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