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Hi Craig;

Here's a quick way to calculate an answer to your question: if the body tubes are the same size then the space, or "void", between the tubes when they are just touching (are tangent) can be calculated from the following:

CV = 0.155BT, where CV = the diameter of the void, and BT = the OD of the body tubes.

I'd provide the full formula here except that the Forum's text window doesn't seem to permit me to cut and paste data from Equation Writer (but that's not a complaint Scott. Just an observation...).

So in the case of your tubular design, if the tubes were, say, BT-50s (OD = 0.976"), then the space between the tubes would accept a maximum diameter of 0.151"; I'd say a 1/8" rod has a good chance of sliding in there friction free so long as there wasn't too much paint build up. Saves you the lug and the drag that goes with it.

<Craig speculates:>

it has the rod running through the gap between the main tube and two of the tube fins. This might work, but I think it would be unnecessarily tight.
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