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Originally Posted by BEC
That is neat. My only nit is that 1/4 inch bolts are way overkill. The wooden ones used, I think, #8 or possibly #10 screws. But I don't quickly find smaller-than-1/4 inch carriage bolts anyway.

Which is why I used 1/4 carriage bolts... cheap and easy to come by.

Originally Posted by BEC
I have been looking for a way to attach those rod holders to PVC-pipe-based launch pads, especially my 3-pad rack, to use in lieu of the two-eyebolt swivel and a rod holder made from a 1/4-20 coupling nut and 10-32 thumbscrew (crude imitation of the Odd'l Rockets Adeptor). Your implementation looks like it could be the basis for doing that without having to steal parts from the oversupply of Porta-Pad Its at my house.

An earlier iteration of the stand had a different upper clamp, compatible with the same disc set but made to be held down with a carriage bolt. It would be easy to adapt that design to PVC pipe.

What's the OD of the pipe you are using? And do you have a picture of the stand? I'd be happy to design a mount for that.

Originally Posted by BEC
Now all I need is a 3D printer....

Always discounted at Micro Center, if you have one near you...

Originally Posted by BEC
Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome!
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