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Default OpenRocket "custom expressions"

Our club president, Tim C., sent me this "".ork" file which features "parabolic foreward fuselages" and "ogive aft fuselage," There are compaund nose cone parts, and nose cone rings, which I don't find in my version of OR (15.03, I believe).

I found that if I go up to "tools," I can click "custom expressions," but I don't see any of these above mentioned custom expressions. So how do I access them when I am designing my own rockets? I have tried.

When I click custom expression, a blank grau box appears, with a "new expression" button. I click that, in the upper left corner of OR, another balloon appears with multiple entries possible" expression, operator, varible, symbol, and units. if I place my cursor in certain boxes, a table appers with a list of functions and operators - but I am not sure how they work, what they do, how to use them, what order do I put them, etc.

Do I need to go back to school to learn programming?
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